Vitamin Drops - Essential Vitamins for Reptiles

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A convenient drop-on formula that allows adsorption of essential vitamins directly from the skin into the bloodstream.

Vetafarm is known for its innovative approach to product development. Their drop-on formula for vitamin supplementation for snakes, lizards and turtles maximizes convenience for both animals and their owners. The formula is designed to allow absorption of vitamins directly from the skin into the bloodstream. Vitamin deficiencies can have serious health implications for lizards and snakes, making it important to provide a balanced diet like Ectotherm Lizard Food and Multical Dust along with Vitamin Drops.

Vitamin Drops for reptiles manufactured by Vetafarm.

Key Benefits  

  • provides the essential vitamins required by reptiles.
  • innovative drop-on formula
  • maximizes convenience for both animals and humans
  • formulated by vets
  • proudly made in Australia; imported


Dosage: Apply two drops to the skin per 100g body weight. Smear on skin to improve uptake.
Snakes: Treat once weekly while active.
Lizards: Treat twice weekly while active.

Do not apply to animals during brumation. Do not apply to frogs.


Vitamin A 275 IU
Vitamin B1 275 µg
Vitamin B2 185 µg
Vitamin B5 412 µg
Vitamin B6 275 µg
Vitamin B9 125 µg
Vitamin D3 27 IU
Vitamin E 100 µg


40 mL (1.4 fl oz)

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