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Protect your dog's heart and health with Heartgold Plus – the simple monthly chew that shields against heartworms and roundworms.

Heartgold Plus, a preventive treatment for heartworm disease, effectively shields dogs from lasting damage to the heart, lungs, and arteries, potentially saving their lives. In a simple monthly dose, this product not only safeguards against heartworm but also provides added protection against roundworms.

Heartgold Plus is not only safe and effective but also convenient to administer, as it can be given straight from the hand as a chewable treat. It works by eliminating heartworm larvae (Dirofilaria immitis) for up to 30 days post-infection, while Pyrantel targets the intestinal phases of roundworm (Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina) and hookworm (Ancylostoma spp. and Uncinaria spp.), ensuring comprehensive protection for your dog's health.

Key Benefits

  • Shields dogs from heartworm disease, preventing lasting damage to vital organs 
  • Provides added defense against roundworms
  • Easily administered as a chewable treat
  • Targets both heartworm larvae and intestinal phases of roundworm and hookworm, offering thorough protection
  • Proudly made in Australia; imported

    Directions for Use

    Dogs 23-45Kg (50-99 lb):  give 1 chewable monthly.

    Dogs over 45Kg (99 lb+): give 2 chewables monthly.

    The first chewable should be given before exposure to infected mosquitoes and only given to heartworm free dogs.


    Per chewable:

    228mg Pyrantel Pamoate

    272µg Ivermectin


    6 chews

    20 chews 


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