Origins Hutch Clean - for Disinfecting Hutches

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Origins Hutch Clean is a highly effective, hospital grade, disinfectant that instantly kills bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Hutch Clean was formulated by veterinarians as a highly effective disinfectant to clean and sanitize animal housing and equipment. It is a hospital grade disinfectant and instantly kills bacteria, viruses and fungi on contact. This product is effective in up to 20% organic matter.

Key Benefits

  • cleans and sanitizes animal housing and equipment
  • hospital grade
  • instantly kills bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • effective in up to 20% organic matter
  • formulated by vets
  • proudly made in Australia; imported


Remove animal from enclosure before use.

For cleaning: Remove excess residue (e.g. leftover food/water etc) from items, spray with Hutch Clean and wipe over/scrub areas as required, rinse, dry and use items as normal.

Disinfection: Spray on a light coating of Hutch Clean and allow 5 minutes for disinfection to occur, rinse (if desired) and allow to dry. Equipment/animals may then be placed back in the enclosure for routine use.

Precaution: This product is not suitable for use on equipment and housing of aquatic organisms - ensure all tanks are covered prior to use.


1g/L Benzalkonium chloride

0.5g/L Sulfamic acid


100 mL (3.4 fl oz)

500 mL (16.9 fl oz)

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