Vetastar Blue - Flea Control for Small Dogs & Cats

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Experience rapid relief for your furry friends with Vetastar Red Flea Tablets - up to 90% of fleas gone within hours, crafted by veterinarians for safe, effective control!

Vetastar Blue tablets provide a rapid solution for flea control working within just 30 minutes of administration, Crafted by veterinarians, Vetastar Blue offers swift relief from flea infestations. It ensures rapid results, with up to 90% of fleas eradicated within 4 hours and provides 24-hour flea protection. Vetastar is highly safe and dependable, remaining effective even after washing.

For comprehensive flea control, it's advisable to implement a holistic approach, addressing the flea lifecycle in the environment.Products containing Lufenuron, such as Multigard, HFT, or Quantam tablets, can effectively manage immature flea.

Key Benefits

  • Starts working within 30 minutes of administration
  • Up to 90% of fleas eliminated within 4 hours
  • Easily administrable and works effectively with other flea control products
  • Provides 24-hour flea protection, remaining effective even after washing 
  • Highly safe and dependable
  • Formulated by vets 
  • Proudly made in Australia; imported 

Directions for Use

For dogs & cats 0.5 -11kg (1-24 lbs): 1 tablet directly in mouth or hidden in small amount of food

Can be administered to puppies and kittens from 4 weeks of age. Treat on any day when fleas are evident. Repeat on any subsequent day that fleas are present. 

Vetastar tabs do not kill fleas in the environment outside the pet's body. To ensure the best results it is important that your dog’s environment is also treated. Treat the carpets & bedding on the day of dosing and vacuum carpets regularly.


Nitenpyram 11.4mg per tablet


6 tablets


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